The superfit WMS Shoesizecalculator

Calculate the right size of your new superfit kids shoes here:

This foot length corresponds to the shoe size:

The shoesize 32 fits from 194 to 200 mm foot length

Measure foot length correctly:

3 = foot length

Please take off your child's shoes and let them walk or walk in socks. For best results, it is best to measure in the afternoon or evening, as your feet may swell slightly throughout the day.


Then place a piece of paper against a wall and place your child so that the heel touches the wall. Pay attention to a firm footing. The socks should not be tightened too tight to give the toes the necessary leeway.


Mark the foot length with a pencil in front of the longest toe. Make sure that the pen is always held perpendicular to the paper, otherwise the dimensions will be falsified. Then repeat the process with the other foot.


Measure the distance from the bottom of the sheet (on the wall side) and the drawn line and enter the calculated result in millimeters into the superfit size calculator.

If the foot length is different orientate yourself on the longer foot.